Vincent Price #TreasuryCookalong

More Vincent Price cooking activity will be happening over at the Silver Screen Suppers website….  The Vincentennial Cookblog is now closed, but feel free to explore…

Here’s an abridged version of my post about the Vincent Price Cookalong which took place in November 2015, just to close the blog with a bang!

Joy, joy, joy!  Blog posts have popped up all around the world from the folks who joined in with the Treasury Cookalong.  It brought many a tear to my glass eye!  So much wondrousness! The cookalong was organised to celebrate the launch of the 50th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price. The best cookbook ever written! (IMHO as the kids say.)

treasury 1For a full report and photos see this post on the Silver Screen Suppers website:

Vincent Price #TreasuryCookalong

If you would like a little blog tour, here are the links to the brilliant posts from all around the world:

Dr Bobb’s Kitschen

Recipes 4 Rebels

Grannie Pantries

Vincent Price Mania

Vincent Price Mania #2

Kitchen Counter Culture

The Past on a Plate

Cine Gracia Cinema

Dinner is Served 1972

Heritage Recipe Box

Tracy’s Vintage Corner

Mid Century Menu

Beyond the Fringes

Battenburg Belle

Retro Food for Modern Times

Retro Food for Modern Times #2

Amazing recipes, amazing food, amazing bloggers!

Please come and visit me at Silver Screen Suppers xx

Vincent Price Treasury Cookalong with PRIZES! All invited! October / November 2015

To celebrate the launch of Mary and Vincent Price’s 50th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes, you are hereby invited to a cookalong – wherever you are in the world – whenever you have a moment to cook!


Simply select one or more of the recipes below (or any other from the Treasury if you are lucky enough to have a copy), and post a Treasury themed blog entry before midnight on Saturday 7th November 2015.

The 50th Anniversary Edition will be launched on that date in Harrods in London (one of the London venues Mary and Vincent write about in the Treasury) and their daughter Victoria Price will be at Harrods signing copies of the new version of the book that day.  There are a few places left for the tour of the food halls and brunch – join us!

Harrods Book Launch Tour and Brunch in Georgian Restaurant – morning of the 7th November 2015


Now then, for the COOKALONG!  You are welcome to join in, even if you don’t have a blog, just send me pix of the dish you cooked and a little description of your enjoyment of it, and I’ll include you in a blog post.


Here are a selection of dishes you could try – all favourites here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers.  All the recipes can be found at the bottom of each linked post, choose one or more of these, or something else you fancy from the Treasury:

The Nibbles – Cheese Knots

The Soup – Sopa Poblana

The Posh One – Chicken in Champagne Sauce

The Favourite Chicken One – Chicken Sweet and Hot

The Steak – Butterfly Steak Hong Kong

The Muffins – Blueberry Muffins a la Postada

The Brekkie – Buckingham Eggs

The Veggie One – Champignons Marie Victoire

The Cake – Pineapple Nut Bread

The Fruit Tart – Crostata di Mele



There will be a grand prize for the blog post that best captures the spirit of Mary and Vincents’ love of sharing great food with good friends.  Entries will be judged by Vincent and Mary’s daughter, Victoria.  A copy of A Treasury of Great Recipes signed by Victoria will be sent to you, wherever you are in the world!
Second prize will be a Treasury of Great Recipes themed dinner for two at Silver Screen Suppers Towers in London.  Fear not if you are far away from London, I will send you a glorious package of British food goodies instead!
May include marmite...

                      May include marmite…

1 – publish your post anytime between now, and midnight on the 7th November 2015, which is launch day for the book here in the UK.
2 – send me a link to your post as soon as it is live via the Silver Screen Suppers Contact page – please include your name, your blog name, the country in which you reside, and the name of the dish(es) you have made.
3 – in your blog post please include the following links (you should be able to just copy and paste as a block):
Vincent Price Treasury Cookalong with Silver Screen Suppers
Cooking With Vincent Website – for details of celebratory events in the USA 
Vincent Price Legacy Tour – for details of celebratory events in the UK
Amazon Page for the 50th Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes
4 – feel free to invite others to join us, and use the Treasury Cookalong button with gay abandon on your website, in tweets, and on all and every social media platform!
5 – if you tweet, the hashtag for the Cookalong is #TreasuryCookalong – the official Vincent Price twitter handle is @masterofmenace and mine is @silverscreensup
PHEW! Have fun my lovelies and good luck!
There are lots of events going on around the world to celebrate the launch of the 50th anniversary edition of the cookbook.  If you are in the States you can see what is going on via Victoria’s website: Cooking With Vincent and if you are in the UK via the Vincent Price Legacy Tour site.
Vincent Price London Legacy

New Cooking with Vincent Website – Whoopee!

Fellow Vincent Price fans and foodies, it is with much excitement that I let you know that there is a wonderful new website put together by Victoria Price – daughter of Vincent and Mary – which is FULL of Vincent food related facts and fun:

cooking with vincent

I was absolutely thrilled to see that the Vincent Price Goulash film I made with Nathalie from the bfi is included as a resource:

Cooking Vincent Price Goulash

and I am really looking forward to mooching around the site learning more about Vincent and his adventures with fine dining, both at home and out and about.

Big news is THERE IS GOING TO BE A FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION of The Treasury of Great Recipes.  I might just faint.

My friends, my work here is done!  There will be more blog posts over at Silver Screen Suppers whenever I make a Vincent dish, but for now I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Cooking With Vincent…


Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong ROCKED!

VPH Cookalong

The first Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong was a rip roaring success!  Folks all around the world cooked up Vincent Price dishes for their din dins and wrote about them.  I laughed myself silly, marveled at some of the beautiful food photography and almost had a tear in my glass eye over the nice comments made about what fun was had at our virtual reality pot luck party.

I heartily recommend that you rustle up a Vincent Price Bloody Mary and take yourself on a blog tour to see the splendid dishes that were concocted and the fun that was had thanks to Mr Vincent Price and his wonderful recipes:

Yours truly of Silver Screen Suppers – Oxtail Creole

Emily of Dinner is Served 1972 – Beef Heart Stewed

Brian of Caker Cooking – Fish Fillets Nord Zee

Cathy of Battenburg Belle – Deviled Shrimp and Rice

Sally of My Custard Pie – Deviled Rib Bones

Ruth of Mid Century Menu – Unwealthy Wellington

Angela of Glamorous Glutton – Steak Moutarde Flambe

Lauren of The Past on a Plate – Ayrshire Poacher’s Roll

Mimi of The Retro WW Experiment – Chinese Chicken

Carol of Craftypants Carol – Deviled Crab

Erica of Retrorecipe – Melon Monster

Susie of Bittersweet Susie – Carolina Deviled Clams

Lisa of Beyond the Fringes – Calf’s Liver Marine

Helen of Zelda’s Secrets – Champignons Grilles Marie Victoire

Cherie of Saucy Cherie – Chicken Liver Risotto

Shall we do it all again next year?

Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong 2013 Details

VPH Cookalong

The Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong is fast approaching and there are 3 ways of joining in:

1 – email me soon via the Silver Screen Suppers contact page and I will select a Vincent Price recipe for you to make****

2 – pop over to the Recipe of the Month page where you’ll find Mary and Vincent’s recipe for Pumpkin Pie (only there until early November 2013).

3 – find Vincent’s Goulish Goulash recipe over at lovefood

Make one or all, send me a little write up and photos and I’ll post them here in November.

Most of us will be watching The House on Haunted Hill on the night.

house on haunted hill

Feel free to link back here using the button above – it’s not very fancy but I did make it myself!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen x

**** Deadline for a cherry picked recipe is midnight (UK time) on the 24th October.

Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong 2013

Aw, Vincent I have missed you.  So much in fact that I am organising a Halloween Cookalong this year for all interested parties.


If you would like to participate please email me via the Contact Me page over at Silver Screen Suppers and I’ll get back to you with a Vincent Price recipe of your very own to make for Halloween.  I will post pictures and comments from all the participants here in November – exciting!

The End of the Vincentennial

Ooh it is a strange day.  The Vincentennial Year ends today and so does this project.  I feel very strange about it, but it is GOOD.  I have had a lot of fun exploring Vincent’s culinary adventures and I know that I will continue trying Vincent’s recipes but from now on I’ll be blogging about them over at the Silver Screen Suppers blog.

I’ve had a wonderful weekend at Denman College with my fabulous Shellac Sister Jane Fryers and we’ve been talking non stop about our creative projects.  I always come away from a weekend with Jane fired up about all the things I could achieve with my writing if only I could FOCUS.  So that is my plan now that I’m closing the Vincentennial Cookblog and moving my energy back to the Silver Screen Suppers.

So here are the recipes I have tried over the last year.  I’m going to go through and see if I actually made it to 52 – one per week for the year which was my aim.  Here goes:

Cucumber Crocodile x 3

Melon Monster

Decorated Tuna Fish

Summertime Flan x 2

Cheesed Party Eggs

Chess Board Cheese Board

Creole Potato Salad

Wilted Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing x 2

Lasagne Napoli x 2

Baked Pork Chops Country Style

Apricot Stuffed Shoulder

Petits Pois a la Francaise

Rice and Fish Portuguese

Quiche Lorraine

Breast of Chicken Au Champage x 2

Spinach and Eggs Grisanti x2

Grilled Anchovies


Haricots Verts a la Lyonnaise

Sweetcorn and Potato Pie


Almond Cake

Buckingham Eggs x 6

Baked Ham in a Common Crust

Chicken Vermouth with Rice

Curried Rice with Tomatoes

Coffee – Ancient Jug Method

Broiled Trout with Cucumber Salad

Friday Chicken x 2

Stilton Cheese Slaw

House Bread

Fish Fillets Noord Zee

American Rice Salad

Peperoni Don Savatore

Tortellini Palermitana

Steak Diane

Elote Con Crema a la Mexicana x 2

Sopa Poblano

Ranch Eggs

Yeast Bread

Boeuf a la Bourguignonne


Montezuma Pie

Potatoes Dauphinoise

Brown and White Cookies

Stuffed Frankfurters

Grilled Tomatoes

Hash Browned Potatoes

Green Goddess Salad

Asparagus Milanese x 2

Asparagus Vinaigrette

Crostata Di Mele x 2

Hotchpotch of Curly Kale

Potatoes Scalloped With Ham

Chicken Curry

Cheese Knots

Herb Bread

Potato and Fish Chowder

Hungarian Goulash

Tagliatele Verdi Gratinale al Prosciutto

Gateau Grand Marnier x 2

Filets de Sole au Vermouth

Salmon in Pastry

Wayside Country Sausage

Roast Turkey Wayside Inn

Lamb Casserole in Cider

Carrot Soup x 2


New Year Vol-au-vent


Pots de Crème Chocolat

French Toast Santa Fe

Poached Eggs Harlequin

Chile-Con Carne



Chicken Livers Sauteed with Apples and Onion Rings

Lamb a l’Orange

Harvey Girl Special Little Thin Orange Pancakes


Steak Teriyaki

Pineapple Glazed Double Pork Chops

Shrimp Fried Rice

Toad in the Hole x 2

Chicken in Pineapple

Green Salad

Chicken Vermouth with Rice

Cabbage in Sour Cream

Farmhouse Chicken Casserole

Gammon and Vegetable Risotto

Wow.  90 different recipes tried in the Vincentennial year.  Counting those that I cooked more than once – 109 plates of food inspired by Vincent in a year.  Phew.

Recipe cooked most often – Buckngham Eggs

Most ridiculous recipe – Fish Fillets Nord Zee

Most pleasing for a spinster – Chicken in Pineapple (served in a scooped out pineapple)

Best for guests – Chicken in Vermouth

Most fun – Cucumber Cucumbers

Recipes tried by chums:

Chicken Liver Risotto (this one made by Lucy Smee and Lisa Kerrigan)

Flan (Baked Custard) (this made by Cathy Sloman)

Fish and Potato Chowder (made by Corinna Reicher)

All delicious!

Vincent we love you and I’ll miss you.

Before I go, the lovely Matthew over at Movietone News  kindly awarded this blog a Stylish Blogger Award a little while ago…

how absolutely LOVELY.  The best thing about getting one of these awards is the chance to pass it on to 7 other blogs so I’m going to leave you all with some recommendations.

These are my current favourite blogs – apart from Movietone News of course.

1 – Lauren Hairson’s “The Past on a Plate”.  I discovered Lauren’s blog at the very start of the Vincentennial project as she loves Vincent’s recipes too.  I adore getting a peek into Lauren’s world and reading about the classic movies she’s been watching and the wonderful things she’s been cooking.

2 – Well Done Fillet – don’t visit this blog if you are offended by swearing.  Written by a Belfast waiter, this blog makes me laugh really loudly on a regular basis.

3 – The Man Repeller.  If you are a woman on the dating scene, best to consider which outfits might actually be repelling men.  Again, full of swearing.

4 – Significant Colour.  My amazing friend Ptolemy writes this blog.  Bring some colour into your life by visiting.

5 – Completion Club – writing inspiration and sound advice for harnessing your creativity and getting on with it from Jacqui Lofthouse.

6 – Original Impulse – my second writing guru.  Cynthia’s inspirational videos are wonderful and I can’t wait for the imminent publication of her book Chasing Sylvia Beach.

7 – My Mom, The Style Icon– mothers from the past, we salute you.
If you are a past reader of the blog, thanks for your support, and / or if you are a new reader, pop on over to Silver Screen Suppers.

Gammon and Vegetable Risotto

Psychedelic risotto!  This is what risotto looked like in the 1970s when Vincent wrote Cooking Price-wise.  It reminded me of something else I remember from the 1970s.  Batchelors Savoury Rice.

I’ve been feeling weird about Vincent this week.  The Vincentennial is almost over – it began on the 27th May so in theory this project ends a week today.  What a strange feeling.  I’m not sure if I will be able to let it go…

It feels as though the last thing I make for the project should be something really special.  But what?  And for what occasion?  This needs something that I am not very good at…  Planning…

Recipe from: Cooking Price-Wise.