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Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong 2013

Aw, Vincent I have missed you.  So much in fact that I am organising a Halloween Cookalong this year for all interested parties.


If you would like to participate please email me via the Contact Me page over at Silver Screen Suppers and I’ll get back to you with a Vincent Price recipe of your very own to make for Halloween.  I will post pictures and comments from all the participants here in November – exciting!

About Jenny Hammerton

I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about movie stars and their recipes in my spare time. My main website is at - over there I record my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 12 years of nonsense and counting!

2 responses to “Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong 2013

  1. SaucyCherie ⋅

    What a great idea! I have been trying to get my hands on one of his cookbooks for years. My family has been using the Yorkshire pudding, quiche Lorraine and Boccone Dolce for decades. Can’t wait to follow along. Cheers!

    • Hi SaucyCherie! Thanks for commenting – if you’d like me to send you a recipe of your very own to make for Halloween please let me know! Otherwise, I’ll be posting a link to Vincent’s Pumpkin Pie and Goulash recipes nearer the time – Jenny x

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