About This Project

I am attempting to cook at least one Vincent Price recipe a week during the Vincentennial year.  This project runs alongside the Silver Screen Suppers project which you can find at www.silversceensuppers.com

11 responses to “About This Project

  1. R Deutsch

    Huzzah! What an awesome task you given yourself. Bravo….

    • Thank you kindly on both counts! I shall try not to stick to Vincent’s easy recipes but go for some of his much more spectacular ones too! I am loving Chef du Cinema and hoping to make it to Austin sometime soon, would love to come to one of your classes – Jx

  2. R Deutsch

    and great page design…. saul bass rocks.

  3. Fantastic idea Jenny! You’ve been amazing help coming up with good ideas for me to cook for our festival in November. I haven’t heard of any other horror festivals where they cook for their guests, and you’ve helped me hugely! Good luck with the rest of the year’s cooking and I hope you can make it up to meet Vincent’s daughter in person!! 🙂

  4. Jenny;

    I think this is a wonderful idea! Which cookbooks are you using?

    • Hi Christopher! I’m cooking from “A Treasury of Great Recipes”, “Cooking Price-Wise”, “Come Into the Kitchen Cookbook” the “Beverly Hills Cookbook” and assorted film star recipe books that I have in my collection that feature Vincent’s recipes. There is certainly no shortage of wonderful recipes – I can see this obsession continuing once the Vincentennial year is over! JX

  5. I love this project as well! I have a handwritten “Vincent Price’s Bloody Mary” recipe card that was inside a copy of The Savoy Cocktail book that my parents got from an estate sale. Let me know if you ever do one of his brunch dishes–perhaps you can bust it out.

    • Woah! Fantastic! There is a VP Bloody Mary recipe in A Treasury of Great Recipes so I’d be intrigued to see if yours is the same. I have a copy of The Savoy Cocktail Book too – guard it with your life. Turns out it is probably the most valuable thing I own (it is a first edition in perfect condition) – they sell for around $2500 – not kidding. I hide it when I have a party…

  6. I had no clue that book was worth so much. Mine is by no means perfect condition–I’ll have to see when it was published. I’ll get you the recipe for the Bloody Mary–I am sure it’s the same.

    I know that the Treasury of Great Recipes is quite pricey. I want to get a copy but I don’t have that much money just lying about. I think they should put it back in print.

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