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Wayside Country Sausage and Poached Egg

I was famished this morning and decided to see how my frozen Wayside Country Sausage patties would turn out when reheated.  Just as delicious as the first time…  I had one with baked beans (cooked in the style of an ex – with red onion cooked in loads of butter and a hearty shake of Worcestershire sauce) and a poached egg.  I poached the egg Vincent style, in a whirlpool of vinegary water.  This was the third attempt.  The first two looked like explosions in a egg factory.

It’s Oscars night tonight.  I have no TV so can’t tune in.  But I won my own equivalent of an Oscar on Saturday night so am not too distraught.  I am official the UGLY JUMPER WEARER OF THE YEAR!  And what is more, I made that jumper myself in the 1980s…

I already have Facebook friends fighting over the trophy (do they seriously think I would let a thing of beauty like this out of my sight?) but also the cushion – by Chloe Owens.  I notice that nobody is trying to get the jumper off me….

Recipe from: A Treasury of Great Recipes.


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I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about the stars and their recipes in my spare time. This blog will record my attempts to make a Vincent Price dish once a week during the Vincentennial. I'm aiming to celebrate the joy of cooking Vincent Price brought to the world through his cookbooks, sound recordings and television series. My main website is at - this site records my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 5 years and counting!

2 responses to “Wayside Country Sausage and Poached Egg

  1. Congrats (?) on your win. I was invited to an ugly sweater party once and asked my mom if I could borrow one of hers, since she has a cache of 80s Christmas sweaters she doesn’t wear anymore. She refused to acknowledge that any of her sweaters could possibly be construed as ugly. She has a particularly frightful one that has a fur collar and snowmen knitted in it. I actually found another one just like it on ebay labeled as “sweater for ugly sweater party.” Mwahhaha

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