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I took this picture on the hoof as Heather and I had spent so much time studying the thermometer for the Sopaipillas – trying to get the oil dead on 350 degrees – that when it was time to eat it was go-go-go and no time for fancy photos.

Vincent’s is a good, trad chili and as Heather says, if you don’t like chili then there is something wrong with you.  Mind you, when I showed her the recipe for Poached Eggs Harlequin which I had this morning she shook her head and said, “chicken and eggs in the same dish.  It’s just not right!”  I can see her point, it IS a bit incestuous, but she is the only person I know that eats HASLET so thought she was made of stronger stuff.

We really had some quality time, squeezed into a couple of hours.   Short and sweet, but as I have only spoken to 2 people in three days (check out lady in Tesco and Vic who I bumped into at the recycling bins) it was a TALKFEST.  We talked the hind leg off a donkey.

Recipe from:  Cooking Price-Wise.



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I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about the stars and their recipes in my spare time. This blog will record my attempts to make a Vincent Price dish once a week during the Vincentennial. I'm aiming to celebrate the joy of cooking Vincent Price brought to the world through his cookbooks, sound recordings and television series. My main website is at - this site records my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 5 years and counting!

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