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I took this picture on the hoof as Heather and I had spent so much time studying the thermometer for the Sopaipillas – trying to get the oil dead on 350 degrees – that when it was time to eat it was go-go-go and no time for fancy photos.

Vincent’s is a good, trad chili and as Heather says, if you don’t like chili then there is something wrong with you.  Mind you, when I showed her the recipe for Poached Eggs Harlequin which I had this morning she shook her head and said, “chicken and eggs in the same dish.  It’s just not right!”  I can see her point, it IS a bit incestuous, but she is the only person I know that eats HASLET so thought she was made of stronger stuff.

We really had some quality time, squeezed into a couple of hours.   Short and sweet, but as I have only spoken to 2 people in three days (check out lady in Tesco and Vic who I bumped into at the recycling bins) it was a TALKFEST.  We talked the hind leg off a donkey.

Recipe from:  Cooking Price-Wise.


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I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about movie stars and their recipes in my spare time. My main website is at - over there I record my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 12 years of nonsense and counting!

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