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Vincent says: “I suppose you could serve this chocolate dessert in oven-glass custard cups and it wouldn’t make any difference to its deliciousness.  But this is a specialty of our house not only because the flavour is so good, but also because it can be served with great charm in litttle pots de creme cups.  In the picture on page 404 [which is spectacular – Ed.] you can see an illustration of our philosophy of dining at home.  Almost everything on that table and in that room has a special, personal meaning for us and we like to think that our guests enjoy sharing them with us.  The pottery head we use as a wine cooler came from Sicely, the coffee cups from New England.  Mary bought the Limoges pot de cremes in France, the green glass dishes at a rummage sale, and the shells came from every beach and beachcomber type restaurant we’ve been to.  Mary made the floor from eight different remnants of tile bought from a tile company that was going out of business.  The table is plaster and once graced a movie set.  I painted it to match the chairs which may or may not be old Mallorcan ones.  In the background are bits and pieces from our collection of primitive art, a painting by Man Ray, and a window blind made of toy parts strung together by my inventive wife.  The lighting fixtures made of Tiffany glass shades we found almost one at a time up and down the Southern California coast.  Put them all together and what have you got?  A most exciting setting for a very good but very simple dish – our Pot de Creme Chocolat.

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