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Fillets de Sole au Vermouth

I do not usually covet my neighbour’s goods but Cathy’s Johnson Brothers fishy dinner service is just about the most splendid set of crockery in the world IMHO.  She not only has a beautiful serving platter, seen here, and loads of different plates, but she has the rare as hens teeth sauce jug, demonstrated here by Mr Sloman.

I think this dish was just about the most delicious thing I have EVER made.  Probably due to the insane amount of butter in the sauce, the proper fish stock and the awesome Dover Sole I bought from the divine Walter Purkis fishmongers.  Mr Sloman, who is a hard man to please in the food department called this dinner, “an utter triumph”.  I was really, really chuffed.

I had a TERRIFIC hangover next day.  It blame the fact that all three courses had booze in them.  Cathy made a pear, walnut and stilton salad – the pears had been poached in red wine, vermouth in the fish sauce and Grand Marnier Gateau.  I was still holding the back of my head in a gay karaeoke bar in Brighton at 10pm.

My blind date was an incredibly good sport.  I wouldn’t normally introduce someone to my chums the first time I met them but there were extenuating circumstances.  The fact that a few hours after meeting me he was on stage beside a DJ in drag singing, “I Got a Brand New Combine Harvester” was quite frankly bizarre.  In the words of the Wurzels, “that made I laugh, ha ha!”

Recipe from: The Treasury of Great Recipes.  I think the Boule d’Or was a hotel restaurant in Beaune that no longer exists.  Mind you, it could be this place – warning, crazy music on this website…


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