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Hungarian Goulash

Here is the beef, rolled in HUNGARIAN paprika, pepper and salt.  Oh how I do love a goulash.  This is the second of the goulash recipes Vincent has in Cooking Price-Wise.  It differs from the one I usually make as it contains yoghurt but no wine.  it was very, very good indeed.

I used the paprika I had brought back from Budapest a couple of weeks ago:

I fear I am beginning to be a paprika snob.  This paprika was just head ans shoulders above all the other paprika I have in my spice cupboard (and I seem to have a lot of different pots of paprika…).  It had such a beautiful smell when I cut open the packet and it wasn’t the smokey paprika or the slightly bitter paprika I have in other pots, but just delicious red peppery powdery paprika.  mmmmmmmmm.  i wish, I wish, I wish when I was in the indoor market in Budapest just a couple of weeks ago that I’d bought many different bags of paprika to try them all out instead of just three – one for me, one for Corinna and one for Charlie.  Mind you, I’ve lost the one I bought for Charlie so goodness knows where that might be in my bomb site of a flat.

I will have to go back to Budapest.  And not  just for more paprika.  But also because this week Heather dropped the bombshell that none of us would ever, in a million years  have anticipated.  That the indoor pool of the Gellert has a RETRACTABLE ROOF.

We thought we knew EVERYTHING about the Gellert but none of us knew this….

We will have to go back in the summertime.

Recipe from: Cooking Price-Wise.


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