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Potatoes Dauphinoise

I am trying these out for Sunday.  I’m having a Joan Crawford lunch party and one of the guests has expressed a particular fondness for Potatoes Dauphinoise.  I’m going to be making Joan’s legendary meatloaf and thought this might be an extravagant accompaniment.  We are going to be STUFFED.  I’m planning a selection of Joan’s favourite canapes (including her own invention “Salami Sandwiches”) but I’m not sure about pudding…  Two people won dinner at my house in a competition I ran over at Silver Screen Suppers.  It is going to be FUN.

The potatoes were yummy.  I’m not sure that they are allowed on the Gellert diet though.  I’m going to be in the buff for four whole days in just under a month and I’m trying to lose a few pounds.  A dinner involving lots of butter, milk and cream isn’t exactly good for the reducer…  I hereby pledge to go for a swim tomorrow.

I’m watching The Band Wagon

I’m not enjoying it much.  i think it’s because I’ve gone off Fred as I’ve got older.  I used to love him and Ginger, in fact it was those films that got me into movies in the first place, but as I get older Fred seems to have lost his charm.  I have to watch 4 dance movies before meeting Darcey Bussell next Thursday.  Coo aint I a name dropper?  I am so excited.  I spend 40 minutes with Darcey every week – I see her but she doesn’t see me…   I try and follow her pilates DVD once a week.  I don’t always achieve it.

Anyhow, Ms Bussell is going to be presenting a big dance programme on Boxing Day and me and my Shellac Sisters are going to be in it.


Which is what I’ve been resisting saying every time I see this fellow around the house.   I like spiders, but this sure is a big one.

Recipe from: Cooking Price-Wise.  I’m surprised Vincent didn’t specify which kind of cheese to use, he’s usually quite choosy about his cheeses.  I used some Grandma Singleton’s Lancashire.  I think when I picked it up in the supermarket,  I chose it because I was thinking of Valerie Singleton.

It only dawned on me later that as it is National Spinster’s Week in my head, I was probably just magnetized by the word singleton…

About Jenny Hammerton

I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about movie stars and their recipes in my spare time. My main website is at - over there I record my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 10 years of nonsense and counting!

3 responses to “Potatoes Dauphinoise

  1. Lauren

    I’m pretty excited that you get to meet Darcey Bussell. I got a copy of The Young Dancer when I was a young dancer and it was one of my favorite books! She’s awesome! I’ve never seen her DVD for sale here, or I probably would have bought it.

    Good luck with your reducing–I actually went out of the house in tights and a leotard for a costume party (I was Stevie Nicks) this weekend, but I don’t think I’m ready to be all nekkid.

    P.S. That is a totally disgusting spider. EEEEEEK! I hate anything with more than four legs (except ladybugs), especially since I found a scorpion baby in my towels from a visit to the Y.

  2. wow, what a GREAT person to go to a costume party as. Have you seen, “Sid and Nancy”? Whenever I think of Stevie Nicks I think of Nancy dressing up in a dress of Sid’s mother’s and saying, “Oh my God I look like Stevie Nicks!”

    Scorpion baby? Heavens!

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