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Tortellini Palermitana

I’m feeling a bit under the weather after all my carousing at the weekend.  Up until 2am-ish two nights in a row is not my usual modus operandi, I am knackered.  When I’m feeling like this my thoughts turn to tomatoes.  I’m sure it’s because when I was a little girl my mum gave me Heinz Tomato Soup when I was poorly.  Mmmm.

Anyhow, I liked the sound of Vincent’s Tortellini and it was mighty fine indeed.  Smelt divine when it came out of the oven and was cheesy and buttery and tomatoey.  Perfect for the purpose intended.  Now I will fall into a pasta induced coma, Vincent sure is generous with his proportions.  I made 1/2 of his recipe which he says serves four.  I reckon I still have two large portions for the freezer even though I had a massive helping.  Excellent.

Recipe from:  A Treasury of Great Recipes.  Ernie’s in San Francisco is another of Vincent’s favourite eating establishments that no longer exists.  A great movie related fact though.  It was used as a location in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.  Thanks to Betsy Malloy for this factoid.  In her “Vertigo Movie Tour of San Francisco” she writes, “Ernie’s: (847 Montgomery) Scottie first meets Madeleine here, but it the bar is now closed and and the building is being converted into condominiums.  Another one bites the dust…

About Jenny Hammerton

I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about movie stars and their recipes in my spare time. My main website is at - over there I record my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 10 years of nonsense and counting!

4 responses to “Tortellini Palermitana

  1. Lauren

    It seems like the world never has enough condominiums. Our downtown is full of them and I don’t know that anyone lives there! My husband and I live in a duplex in the “inner city,” according to our suburbanite friends, even though when our house was built our street was the eastern boundary of the city. Ah, well. Most of the people we know seem to want to live in a cookie cutter house half an hour from work, so they’re not buying condominiums! Oh Lord, I’ve totally rambled on. About your actual post–a pasta-induced coma sounds fabulous. Sometimes I have those days when I need something like that, too. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Do you know what, I don’t think I actually know what a condiminium IS! I’m going to look it up…

  3. Aha! A condiminium is what we would call a block of flats I guess. Who knew I lived in a condo?! And a duplex is maybe what we would call a maisonette…

  4. Scott W.

    I was fortunate enough to move to San Francisco when Ernie’s was still open, and while I was far too poor at the time to ever dream of dining there, I often looked in whenever I passed by. It’s certainly worth watching “Vertigo” for shots of the interior. Well, it’s certainly worth watching “Vertigo” for any number of reasons, but the interior shots of Ernie’s make for a nice bonus.

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