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Vincent says: In the high-flying jangle of my professional rounds, I’ve found that two things can get me back to earthbound composure – gardening and bread making.  The latter has become one of the great joys of my life.  If you ever need to deodorize, perfume, or freshen the air at home, just bake a loaf of bread.  It’s really great fun and very exciting; the staff of life is no shillelagh but a highly sensitive wand with which to conduct an orchestra of delights.  Fresh homemade bread is the greatest of gourmet treats.  It makes all boughten breads seem tasteless and all meals far more satisfying.  I prefer to bake yeast breads, perhaps because yeast has something in common with females in general and actresses in particular – temperament.  However, given every consideration, they’ll both rise to the occasion.  Here are a few favourites of mine which are easy to make.  This House Bread is very close to real French bread in flavour and texture.  We serve it sometimes spread with garlic butter and sprinkled with chopped parsley and chives.  Perfect with Dungerness crab, mustard mayonnaise and an Italian Soave white wine.

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