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Cucumber Crocodile

Today Loulou and Kit helped me to make the best cucumber crocodile ever.

Step one, preparing the cubes of cheese.

Step two, Lulu putting in the teef.

Step 3 putting in the goodies (cheese topped with gherkins or cocktail onions) plus googly eyes made from stuffed olives, and legs made from slices of bell peppers…

Grr!  Kit spikes the croc with a toothpick loaded with cheese and an onion.

The crocodile in all his splendour.

We scoffed the cheese and pickles whilst drinking Ptolemy’s MAGNUM of champagne.  Part of her prize as Fabric Designer of the Year, we made many toasts.  To us all for being so lucky in life to have such wonderful friends, to the completion of the Silver Screen Suppers book (this happened today with Groucho) and to Maxine, for bringing Ptolemy into the world.

What a wonderful, fabulous day full of friendship and cucumber.

Recipe from: Cooking Price-Wise.  First photo by Loulou and the rest by Nicole Rowntree


About Jenny Hammerton

I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about movie stars and their recipes in my spare time. My main website is at - over there I record my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 10 years of nonsense and counting!

4 responses to “Cucumber Crocodile

  1. Lauren

    Congrats on finishing your book! I made Dorothy Lamour’s Strawberry Ice Cream over the weekend and I’ll blog about it very soon. It was a hit!

    Cucumber Crocodiles really do seem like a made-to-order children’s project. Too fun!

  2. FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to see a pic of the ice cream. I saw the fattest strawberries I have ever seen today. No wonder they call Kent (where I am staying) the “garden of England” – all the fruit is so beautiful and plump. Mmmm. Only one more day to go then back to work. Sigh…

  3. ZeldaManners ⋅

    Looks great!

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