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Buckingham Eggs

I’ve been hunting for Anchovy Paste for weeks and I finally found it – in the same place I found the elusive filé powder – Fresh and Wild.  Look at the splendour of the packaging!  I was actually looking for something I remember being mildly obsessed with in my childhood – Patum Peperium.  Gawd knows what recess of my brain remembered the existence of that, but a quick search of the internet reveals that it is still around.  Here’s Tom Parker Bowles waxing lyrical about it.  I must find me some.  Yum.

I’ve been wanting to try Buckingham Eggs since I discovered Lauren Hairston’s lovely blog.  She’s a fellow fan of Vincent and Mary’s “Treasury of Great Recipes” and I loved her version of this dish.  She made the Grilled Anchovies from the Treasury and used these as the underpinning of the Buckingham Eggs – genius!  I’m going to try her version too. Here’s a link, but be warned, there’s a story in this blog post about a cousin of the Duke of Buckingham biting the penis off a corpse!  Ha ha – oh how I love the internet!

For my version of the Buckingham Eggs I made the spread with anchovy puree, butter and English mustard and followed all of Vincent’s instructions bar two.  First I forgot to slice the crusts off the bread (which resulted in them getting burned so I now see why he suggested that!) and I used some gruyere instead of cheddar.  mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Again though I feel like I need to drink a bucketful of water I am now so thirsty.  Delicimo though!

I like Vincent’s idea of having these as a midnight supper.  As I am such an early riser I haven’t seen midnight for many moons but I might stay up late one night and just do it!  That Mr S phoned last night at twenty to one in the morning to see if I was “decent” – um no, I was in the nood but also alas, also fast asleep!  Perhaps I’ll get him over for a midnight feast sometime, he’s certainly a night owl.

Recipe from: A Treasury of Great Recipes.


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I am a film archivist living in London, making film star fodder and writing about the stars and their recipes in my spare time. This blog will record my attempts to make a Vincent Price dish once a week during the Vincentennial. I'm aiming to celebrate the joy of cooking Vincent Price brought to the world through his cookbooks, sound recordings and television series. My main website is at - this site records my attempts to cook the favourite dishes of the greatest film stars of Hollywood's Golden Era - 5 years and counting!

2 responses to “Buckingham Eggs

  1. Lauren

    Thanks for the lovely blog mention! I’m glad you’re more adventurous than most of my acquaintance. I think most of my friends are a bit afraid to come over for dinner! They’re still talking about the pease porridge I made in 2009.

    I’ve never had Patum Peperium. That might be difficult to find in Kansas, a state not known for culinary adventuresomeness. I took a batch of Parkin to poker night last night and it took a lot of convincing to get anybody to try a piece, but our host ended up having three, so I guess it was all right!

  2. Ha ha – hear what you are saying about the pease porridge. I’m still living down Ginger Rogers’ Butterscotch Pudding (mostly composed of tapioca – bleah)!

    If I find some Patum Peperium I’ll get two and send you one in Kansas!

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